Eligibility & Getting on the Waiting List
Who is eligible for an apartment at Hospitality Apartments?
Patients being treated at a health care facility in the Texas Medical
Center area are eligible for an apartment (from a minimum of two
weeks up to three months), provided they live more than 50 miles
away from the Texas Medical Center and will have a Caregiver with
them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during their entire stay at
Hospitality Apartments.  There are no restrictions based on gender,
Patient age, religion, national origin, financial status or language.  
To protect our Guests, we do not admit patients with communicable
diseases.  Hospitality Apartments reserves the right to refuse
housing to anyone whom they believe would be disruptive to the
Guests or operation of Hospitality Apartments or detrimental to the
purpose or ministry of Hospitality Apartments.  Each applicant for an
apartment, by making an application, acknowledges this disclosure.
What is the cost of an apartment at Hospitality Apartments?
Hospitality Apartments does NOT charge a fee for the use of any of
its apartments.
 The only cost to a Guest is a $100 cleaning fee for a
cleaning service to clean the apartment prior to the arrival of the next
Guest.  This $
100 cleaning fee is payable in cash or check at
What is the "Waiting List"?
Hospitality Apartments has a total of 46 fully-furnished apartment
units.  Unfortunately, the demand for these apartments far exceeds
the supply.  Therefore, we maintain a "Waiting List" on a "first come,
first serve" basis.  The Waiting List gives us contact information for
potential Guests and a date when they expect to need the apartment.  
We call this date the "Need Date".  Under "normal" circumstances
the Waiting List runs 3 months from the time a patient gets on the list
to the time a Patient actually gets an apartment.  However, due to
"other" circumstances like maintenance, repair and upgrades the
Waiting List can run longer at times.  Any Patient who knows of an
upcoming need can ask to be put on the Waiting List up to three
months before the Need Date.
The Waiting List
How do I get on the Waiting List?
To get on the Waiting List, the Patient, family member, Caregiver, or
Hospital Social Worker can
call the Hospitality Apartments  office at
(713) 790-9120
and request to be put on the Waiting List.  At that time,
the following information is needed:

  • Patient Name
  • Patient Age
  • City & State of Residence
  • Home & Cell Phone numbers
  • Prior stay at Hospitality Apartments? - If so, when?
  • Illness
  • Hospital Name
  • Patient Number (required only for M D Anderson patients)
  • Name of Social Worker at Hospital (required only for M D
    Anderson patients)
  • Phone Number of Social Worker (required only for M D Anderson
  • Estimated time of stay in Houston.
  • Need Date - date apartment needed
  • Name of Caregiver who will be staying with Patient
  • Cell phone number of Caregiver
How do I stay on the Waiting List?
To stay on the Waiting List, the Patient, family member, Caregiver or
Hospital Social Worker MUST call the Hospitality Apartments Office a
minimum of once every 4 weeks to verify that there is still a need for
the apartment and that the Need Date is correct.  Failure to stay in
contact with Hospitality Apartments may result in removal from the
Waiting List.  Also, a Patient can be removed from the Waiting List  if
Hospitality Apartments is unable to reach or get a response from a
Patient or Caregiver using the contact information provided.  Because
of the high demand for these apartments, it is very important to check
in with us on a regular basis and respond to any of our phone calls.
Can I count on an apartment being available when I need it?
No.  When our Guests come to stay with us, they estimate the time
they will be here, up to three months.  Based on their treatments and
response to those treatments, their stays with us vary.  Some will be
here just a few weeks while others will be with us the whole three
months.  The availability of an apartment  will depend on where you
are on the Waiting List and if there are any open apartments on or
after your Need Date.  

You should have alternate plans for housing in case Hospitality
Apartments does not have an open apartment at the time you need it.  
Please talk with the Hospital Social Worker who can give a list of
alternate housing solutions.  

If we are not able to meet your  housing needs on your Need Date and
you elect to stay at a hotel or other accommodations, we will still call
you the moment we do have an opening and you can join us at that
How do I get an apartment?
When an apartment becomes available and you are next in line on
the Waiting List with a current Need Date, we will contact you to see
if you still have a need for the apartment and are ready to move in.  If
so, we will schedule a check-in time.  If the Patient is in the hospital
at that time, the Caregiver can check-in and begin using the
apartment.  Please note that if we are unable to contact a Patient or
Caregiver using the contact information provided, we will go on to
the next person on the Waiting List.  If you are in the hospital, be sure
your Caregiver is alert to return our phone call.
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